Saturday August 23rd 2014

Holy Redeemer Music Festival

The Holy Redeemer Music Festival was held on Saturday, 26th JULY 2014 at the Parish centre.

A Big Thank You to all the Artists who made this event a success!

Music Ministry Groups & Organists featured:

  • The Choir
  • The French Community Group
  • Crystal Reflections
  • The Charismatic Group
  • Matthew Davids’ 9am Group
  • Tamay Peter’s 9am Group
  • Theo Lawrence’s 9am Group

Our special guest, namely, Georgina Kareklas performed a tribute to her Late brother and beloved former parishioner and musician, Dino Kareklas.

Pray for Christians in Iraq


pray for christians in iraq

“The Bishops of the United States have offered this image of the Cross, with the prayer for peace composed by the leader of Iraq’s Catholics, Chaldean Patriarch Louis Sako.” – Vatican Radio

Friday Night Jazz – 29 August 2014




The situation facing the Christians, Yazidis and other religious and ethnic minorities in northern Iraq continues to cause great concern.?? All week we have been hearing and seeing news about efforts to help those in peril of their lives from the barbaric attacks of the jihadists? of the so-called Islamic State. The Vatican, through the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious dialogue, issued a statement saying that the crisis facing the minorities in Iraq demands a clear and courageous stance on the part of religious leaders, especially Muslims, those engaged in interfaith dialogue and everyone of goodwill.

The Vatican insists that all must be unanimous in condemning these crimes and must denounce the invocation of religion to justify them. Otherwise, what credibility will religions, their followers and their leaders have?.

In a harrowing list the statement then details some of the atrocities already committed against Christians and others: beheading, crucifixion; abduction of women and girls and other barbarities too horrible to mention.? More recent reports include burying people alive.

This week the Patriarch of Baghdad called on the US, the UN and the Arab League to flush out the ISIS forces from the plain of Nineveh or be responsible for a slow genocide.? He also pleaded that those in immediate danger be airlifted to Baghdad.

Also this week the Pope wrote a heartfelt letter to Ban-Ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, urging a much swifter response to the catastrophe in northern Iraq.

Here at home we continue our prayers; one suggestion was that we pray the Hail Holy Queen for peace in Iraq.? If we are in a position to do so we should pressurize our local and national leaders to be more vocal in their condemnation and more imaginative in their responses to the humanitarian crises we are facing.? Solidarity with the Palestinian victims of violence brought people in their thousands onto the streets of Cape Town; where are the protests about what is happening in northern Iraq??? What is the local and national government doing or even saying?

With the instant media coverage of these atrocities, none of us can say we did not know!

Fr Sean Wales, C.Ss.R.


In our ordinary language the word assumption suggests taking something for granted. I might say to someone who accused me of stealing R100 : You just assumed that because I was the last person in the room, that I stole the money. I can assure you, that was a false assumption! But as Catholics the word assumption has a theological means and it is usually written with a capital A. This helps us to recognize how the word is being used. To be a bit pedantic we might say Its not a rash assumption to believe in the Assumption!. The Eastern Church avoids any possibility of confusion by using a different word altogether. The word dormition (falling asleep) is used to indicate the end of Marys life on earth and her being taken into glory in heaven. Our Catholic faith has always been clear that at the end of her life Mary was taken body and soul into the glory of heaven. This belief in Marys Assumption is really a belief in the fullness of Redemption as experienced by her. As the most fully redeemed she is taken in the fullness of her person into the glory of her Son. Marys Assumption into heaven is more than a grace-filled prerogative for her; it is for us a vivid parable of what will be: The Virgin Mother of God was assumed into heaven as the beginning and image of your Churchs coming to perfection and a sign of sure hope and comfort to your pilgrim people. The destiny of all the redeemed is their glorification in Christ; we see this already achieved in Mary. Full of grace from the beginning of her existence, her being taken into glory completes in her what God has in store for us all. Our Marian dogmas are not therefore exclusively privileged-centred with the risk of making Mary distant from us; rather they are expressions of what God wants for all of us. He wants all of us to be free from sin (echoed in the Immaculate Conception) and he wants all of us to share fully in the glory of his risen and Ascended son (echoed in the Assumption). Mary remains close to us, our mother, our sister, our perpetual help.

Fr Sean Wales, C.Ss.R.



Every now and then we have a second collection for the PMS : Pontifical Mission Societies. There? are four such Societies and as we are having a collection for one of them today I thought some information about the PMS might not be any harm!

The Society of the Propagation of the Faith.? This was founded in 1822 in Lyon, France,? by a young girl of 19, Pauline Jaricot with the encouragement of her priest brother.? Initially it was to help the missions in Asia.? The society spread all over France and even to mission countries themselves.? It now exists in 101 countries around the world; in 1922 it was given Pontifical status and has become the Churchs official organization for mission aid to 938 dioceses.? The collection for this Society takes place in October.

The Society of the Missionary Childhood.? This society was founded by Bishop de Forbin-Janson of Nancy, France in 1843.? It too spread throughout France and America and was given Pontifical status in 1922.? It has a special focus on children in mission territories. It operates in 90 countries and the collection for this society is taken on the first Sunday of February.

The Pontifical Missionary Union. Blessed Paolo Manna, an Italian priest, started this society in 1916.? It was started as a missionary movement for priests (Unio Cleri pro Missionibus) but now includes religious Brothers and Sisters.? It is active in 50 countries and the collection for this society is taken in May.

The Society of St Peter the Apostle.? Stephanie Bigard and her daughter Jeanne founded this society in Caen, France in 1889.? It is sometimes referred to as Opus (Opus Sancti Petri).? This society is also of Pontifical rank and is closely associated with the Society of the Propagation of the faith.? It is for this society that we are having the second collection today.

All these Pontifical Mission Societies are directed in South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland by Mgr Gregory Van Dyk (

God loves a cheerful giver!!

Fr Sean Wales, C.Ss.R.


TUESDAY 29th.Saint Martha.Martha was the sister of Mary and Lazarus of Bethany. They were personal friends of Jesus and entertained him to occasional meals. Jesus clearly felt at home with all of them and we know how he grieved over Lazarus and famously raised him to live again. Martha has suffered a bit from Christian tradition which made her into a model of a fussy, unrecollected busybody, concerned only with domestic matters. Of course, busy people who have to run a household can be distracted easily but Jesus speaks gently and lovingly to Martha and encourages her not to worry too much. There is no doubting Marthas appeal to most of us who share many of her concerns and we can learn from her heart-felt profession of faith at the time of Lazarus death. I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, the one who was to come into this world. (John 11:27).

THURSDAY 31st. Saint Ignatius of Loyola. The election of Pope Francis has put the spotlight on the vocation of the Jesuits in the Church. They were founded by a former soldier, Ignatius Lopez of Loyola. Born in 1491 he was invalided out of the army at the battle of Pamplona in 1521. It was during his convalescence that he experienced a radical conversion and the occasion of this grace was the spiritual reading which Ignatius undertook at first to while away the long hours of recuperation. By the time he died, aged 65, he had founded the Society of Jesus and honed his spiritual insights into the famous Spiritual Exercises which have stood the test of time. To this day the Exercises have a profound effect, not only on all Jesuits (including the Pope), but on all who follow them. A one phrase summary of Ignatian spirituality to find God in everything.

FRIDAY?1st AUGUST. Saint Alphonsus Liguori. Bishop, doctor of the Church and founder of the Redemptorists, Alphonsus led a long and very full life. Born in Bourbon Naples in 1696 he lived for 91 years. His first career was as a lawyer which he abandoned to become a priest. Indefatigable in his ministry to the poor and the incurable of his native city, he was nevertheless drawn to the most abandoned in the hills further south of the city. To this end he launched a community dedicated to holiness through ministry to the most abandoned. In the course of his long life he used all his many talents, poet, painter, musician, writer- to advance the Kingdom of God, always with an eye on the poor. His greatest intellectual achievement was the recasting of traditional moral theology in a more compassionate and pastoral way so as to bring the merciful redemption home to as many as possible. One of his personal desires was to come as a missionary to the Cape of Good Hope, a desire which has now been fulfilled through the presence of his Redemptorists in Bergvliet and Retreat and through the many missions and retreats in the Cape.

Fr Sean Wales, C.Ss.R

Spring High Tea

high-teaThe Parish Spring Tea will be held on Saturday 6th September 2014 and tickets cost R60 each. Entertainment and lots of FUN!

Diarise this date and read the Weekly Bulletin for further details!!

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