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Catholic and have lost touch?

Been resting or away from the Church for a while – would you like to talk to a priest or lay person about your anger, concerns or fears?

We want to hear from you! Please contact us ASAP via …

  • the Parish Office to setup an appointment with a priest or
  • email parish@holyredeemer.co.za for a confidential link to a lay person who will contact you at your convenience or
  • contact Paddy Milner: 083-629-0529 for more information or
  • complete the form below and a lay person will be in touch with you.

Examples of contacts are:

I have been away from the Church for 10 years, I married 20 years ago but am now divorced; I was told by a priest in confession I could not got to the sacraments and so I felt what was the point … Gerard – Pinelands

I feel so lonely and shy since I contracted HIV/Aids, I am frightened that I will be judged by the people of the Church if I share my status with anyone and so I stay away – I cannot tell anyone … Carol – Milnerton

Your Parish would really like to reconnect with you and try to help work through your hurt or concern, please give us a chance, there’s nothing to lose and all to regain.

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