The Beauty of the Rosary


 Redemptorist Pastoral Publications have just produced a new booklet on the Rosary: “The Beauty of the Rosary”.  It is pocket-sized and runs to 56 pages.

 There is an Introduction which explains the nature and structure of the Rosary as well as hints on how to use the booklet.

 Each of the twenty mysteries is then set out with a Scriptural text, a brief reflection and a beautiful illustration of the mystery in question.

 The idea would be to select a decade, read the text from Scripture and ponder the reflection offered.  Looking at the illustration one could then say that decade.  Of course it includes the new “Mysteries of Light”.

 At the end of the booklet the concluding prayer “Hail, Holy Queen” is printed out.

 The booklet then gives some hints on adapting the Rosary in various ways.  Some examples from the Gospels are given, e.g. various healings by Jesus, some parables, the miracles of raising people from the dead in the Gospels and in the Acts of the Apostles.  Some hints are given of how a decade can become very personal by meditating on various “mysteries” in our own lives.

 The booklet concludes with a few references to helpful writings about the Rosary.

 “The Beauty of the Rosary” would make an affordable little present for someone you love, a gift to the housebound etc.   Most of all it can help our appreciation of this graceful way of prayer which is so much part of our Catholic tradition.

 “The Beauty of the Rosary” sells at R 30 and is available in the Repository.

 Fr Seán Wales, C.Ss.R.


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