Welcome to Edge

Dear Parents

Welcome to the Edge!

We are very excited about this program and we hope that the kids enjoyed the first session.
Just a little information WRT the program:

  • Sessions will be every Friday evening from 6pm- 8pm during the school terms.
  • As this program replaces catechism classes for GR 5-7’s, kids are required to attend as they would’ve the catechism classes
  • Fees TBC
  • We would encourage that kids don’t bring cellphones along
  • Parents are to collect kids from inside the hall at the end of each session (this is for security reasons)
  • If you able to assist us on our social nights in the coffee bar or with any events we might plan, please let us know.

Once again thank you for allowing us to go on the faith journey with you and your kids.

For more information on the program visit www.lifeteen.com

Yours in Faith
Edge Core Team

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