Child Safeguarding Audit 2022

NB: All Level 2 personnel who do not have a Police Clearance Certificate, please obtain one and hand it to Fr Anthony as soon as possible.

Note 1 – Church personnel includes all employees and all parishioners in a Ministry. The more inclusive this is, the more broadly the knowledge of the Child Safeguarding Policy is spread. This inclusive group is called Level 1.

Note 2 – Certain Level 1 church personnel are also Level 2. This includes clergy, religious, EMoHC, catechists, youth leaders, sacristans, choir leaders, alter server trainers as well as anyone else working with children or having access to children through their Ministries.

All in Parish Ministry who work with children and families, are required to watch the updated training presentation, which is available to view & download below:

Taken from the Archdiocese website –

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