Preparation of the gifts

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There are no monumental changes in this part of the Mass and
those that have been made are all made to give a more faithful rendering of
the  Latin text.


OLD Translation                                                   NEWTranslation


Through your goodness we have           Through you goodness we have

this bread to offer,                              received the
bread we offer you:

which earth has given                         fruit
of the earth

and human hands have made                 and
work of human hands


Through your goodness we have           Through your goodness we have

this wine to offer                               received
the wine we offer you


A small but significant change comes in the invitation to
prayer (the “Orate Fratres)


Pray brethren that our sacrifice         Pray, brother and sisters, that my

and yours


The Latin always had “my and yours  (meum et vestrum);  the idea of a more literal translation here
is to remind us that those gathered
offer the sacrifice in different ways.
The priest offers the sacrifice by virtue of his ordination (in the person of Christ –in persona Christi),
the laity offer the sacrifice not only through the hands of the priests but
they offer themselves in their own right, a living sacrifice of praise.


In the people’s response to this invitation the small but
powerful word “holy” is restored: “for our good and the good of all his holy Church”.


It is interesting to note the directions given about how
these prayers are to be said.  In
the  older translation the priest was
directly to say the offertory prayers “inaudibly”; in the new translation the
prayers of offering the bread and wine are to said “in a low voice”, while the
prayer said as the priest bows profoundly before the washing of his hands is
said “quietly”!


The preparation of the gifts is a transitional phase in the
Liturgy and may be accompanied by a hymn.
Hence, the priest may say all the prayers silently but must conclude by
publicly inviting all to pray that the sacrifice being readied may be
acceptable to God, the almighty Father.


Fr Sean Wales, C.Ss.R.


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