Public Masses during Covid-19

Public Sunday Masses will resume on the Feast of the Assumption on 16 August 2020. Please see the guidelines

Mass will begin at 9am each Sunday and anyone wanting to attend has to book a seat for the Mass and be recorded in the register of attendance. Attendance is limited to 40 people at a time and no “walk-ins” will be allowed.

To book a place for Mass, please call (preferable) or visit the Parish Office, during the office hours of 9am to 2.30pm – Monday to Friday. Bookings for a Sunday Mass must be made before the preceding Friday, and can be made in advance for a specific date.

Once your place has been booked for a Sunday Mass, you will be asked to arrive early in order to be screened, temperature taken, and to allow time to be ushered to your designated seat.

Times of entering the Church:

Nos 1 – 15 at 8.30

Nos 16 – 30 at 8.45

Nos 30 – 40 at 8.45

Families of the same household can be seated together in the same pew. Individuals of different households will be seated two per pew.

Please note, than once you have entered the Church, you may not leave until after Mass, unless there is an emergency.

At Communion, the Priest will come to the pews to administer the Holy Eucharist to each. Everyone is to receive on the hand and they can either stand or kneel to receive the Host.

Because the mask is worn throughout the Mass, prerecorded music will be used.

Leaving the Church  – those near the doors will leave first and move straight to their car.

A collection basket will be placed at the entrance of the doorway, with a parishioner taking control of it. It will be placed on a stand in order to limit contact.

Please note that the church is sanitised after each use – private prayer, funerals and public Masses.

Live streams of Mass will continue throughout via our Parish Facebook page.

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