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In the four weeks I have been here I have been greatly impressed by the huge number of activities that take place in our parish each week. Many people show wonderful dedication and commitment to serving the various groups in our parish. It is wonderful in particular to see that our catechetical programmes work so smoothly and that our children and young people are well prepared for receiving the sacraments of Confession, Holy Communion and Confirmation. This brings great hope that our children and young people will grow ever more deeply into a real understanding of their faith and a real love of God.

The one thing which strikes me however is that there is presently absolutely nothing in place for the young adults of our parish. This seems to me to be  a very significant gap and one that really needs to be addressed.

Most of my priestly life I have been actively involved in ministry to young adults. For several years I headed a mission team for the Redemptorists, specifically aimed at young adults, in parishes and deaneries all over South Africa. And since I have spent the last 17 years lecturing in various tertiary institutions, I have also been  deeply involved in the pastoral care of the students.

In the very process of moving into young adulthood people are faced with a whole new set of questions and challenges. There are decisions to be made about one’s future. There are questions about relationships and making adult moral decisions. Many young adults also need to be assisted in coming to understand the nature of their relationship with God and its personal significance in life.

I therefore think that there is an urgent need for our parish to begin to plan and introduce as quickly as possible a young adult group, focussed on 18 to 30 year olds. I believe it would serve as a wonderful addition to our pastoral care of all in our parish. Fr. Godwin and Fr. Julius share my enthusiasm about this. If you are aged from 18 to 30 and would be interested in being part of a young adult group, please contact me as soon as possible at my email address which is parishpriest@holyredeemer.co.za

Fr Gerard, CSsR

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