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Theological Circle – June 2014

A very engaging meeting was held on 9th June 2014 on the topic of Islam: From Heresy to Religion(based on a paper by Archbishop Fitzgerald).

The session was honoured to have Fr Chris Clohessy as an expert guest and the proceedings took the form of a question/response form.

Among the topics covered:

The Role of theology in Islam

The varieties of Islam ( Sunni/Shia ..Sufi etc)

The question of authority in Islam (post Caliphate)

The God of Islam and the God of the Judaeo-Christian tradition

The Koran and religious pluralism

The spread of Islam – as a religion/as a political phenomenon

The co-existence of Judaism, Christian and Islam in Spain

Militancy and Islam [Taliban/Boko Haram etc]

Islam as Submission to God; believers as muslims (not Muslims)

Islam and the image of God: the God of Mohammed and the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Are Muslims saved? ?and How?

Islam in the plan of God (a Muslim perspective and a Christian perspective)

Popularity of Islam (2% of RSA)

The Hidden Christ – in the OT, in Islam.

Mohammed and Christian influences in his life.

Seeds of the Gospel in Islam

The next meeting of the Circle will be led by Brother Richard on Buddhism; July 14th, 19h30 Board Room.

Text: the life of Buddha etc

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