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First of all, how did ‘Resolutions 2013’ fare?  Last January I suggested “silence” as a resolution: silence in prayer, silence about one’s achievements, silence about one named person……  I wonder if it has made any difference!

But somehow we can’t help starting the New Year with some resolutions.  As far as the church goes, would it be better to be severely practical like:

I resolve to arrive on time for Mass

I resolve not to bolt for the door during the notices

You can guess that behind these resolutions there is the concern that so many come late and leave early……perhaps I should be asking why?

In terms of prayer, how about this:

I resolve to say fewer prayers so that I can pray better!

The idea here is that it is more important to pray than to say prayers; even that saying prayers can get in the way of praying!!

In terms of other people; instead of a vague resolution to be “more loving”, how about

I resolve to think well of, speak well of and speak kindly to ……………………………………………{you  fill in the space with one named person}.

Behind this resolution is the need to limit oneself to something measurable and achievable –with the grace of God.

Happy New Year,

Fr Sean Wales, C.Ss.R

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