Today the Year of Faith comes to a close.  It is also the Feast of Christ the King, and the day when many of our children make their First Holy Communion.  It is also the last Sunday in the Church’s year.  If all that is not enough, it is the day we are going to try and help our brothers and sisters in the Philippines who have been so badly affected by the recent typhoon.

So, today seems a good day to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone in the parish.

THANK YOU for living the gospel this year with enthusiasm

THANK YOU for showing such love and concern for the poor –at home and abroad.

THANK YOU for training our children to receive the Sacraments: those who were helped to celebrate reconciliation for the first time, those who were confirmed by the Bishop, those who are making their first Holy Communion.

THANK YOU to all the ministers in the parish for your dedication –I won’t give a list in case I leave someone out!

THANK YOU to the Parish Pastoral Council and the Finance Committee for joyfully steering the parish week in and week out.

THANK YOU for using our beautiful church –coming to Mass, Adoration, Novenas, Reconciliation services….the list goes on.

THANK YOU TO GOD OUR LOVING FATHER for all the ways you have graced us this year in Jesus your Son.

Fr Sean Wales, C.Ss.R.

Parish Priest.

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