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This weekend we celebrate “KICK-OFF SUNDAY” with a special Mass in the garden at 10 00a.m.  You won’t find “Kick-off Sunday” in any liturgical books and we will be using the appropriate readings and prayers for the third Sunday in Ordinary time!


However, “Kick-off Sunday” is very important for the parish because it is the day in which we formally commission our catechists for their ministry in the parish this year and in addition, all the children are registered for their catechism classes.


It is revealing that all these words “catechists, catechism, catechetics, catechetical” come from a Greek word (katechein) which means to echo or to resound.  The idea comes from the very early Church that those of us who believe must echo our faith in our lives and thus attract others, in the plan of God, to deepen their faith.  From the very beginning the early Christians shared their faith by word of mouth: they handed on all that they had received in and through Christ.


To this day the faith is handed on by word of mouth and by the example of faith-filled living.  The first catechists are parents but the gift of echoing the faith has developed into a ministry throughout the Church.  Even the smallest knowledge of the history of the Church in Africa reveals that the backbone of the faith and its phenomenal growth are due under God to the work of catechists.


Of course handing on the faith has many dimensions.  We are blessed to have adult catechesis in the parish which goes by the revived title of Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).


All catechesis is based on Scripture, Tradition, Liturgy and the Teaching of the Church.  Our parish resounds every week to the sound of young (and not so young) Christians growing in their faith and love.


I want to thank all our catechists for their commitment to this precious ministry and to ask God’s blessing on them as they kick-off another year of echoing the Good News of Jesus.

Fr Sean Wales, C.Ss.R.

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