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Virtual Prayer Intention

The virtual prayer circle is intended to give all parishioners a weekly intention to pray for in their own time and place, thus harnessing our collective prayer power to ask for help in making the world a better place for all. No forms, no fuss, just a hope all will join in.

This week’s Intention:

The Family is very often the centre of our faith and growth in love and caring for others. It should be where generations meet and pass on values, beliefs and love. We recognise the pressure that family life as the norm is coming under. Let us pray that the message of the Gospels and the Power of the Spirit can permeate our lives and the lives of all, such that the family’s role in faith, and love is entrenched and fostered. We pray that within each family in our Parish community all members recognise their own positive role and that Love and Respect for each other drives our daily interactions. We pray that disputes, conflict, misunderstanding and intolerance are put behind us and that families unite in love and faith, based on our Catholic beliefs and centred around the Mass and Eucharist.