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Lent is for Listening


All over the Catholic world Lent is used as an opportunity for deepening the faith.  There are Lenten Conferences, Lenten Lectures, Lenten courses, Lent Books, and Lenten Retreats.  Clearly Lent is s time for listening.

Lent is a time for listening to God.  It must be obvious that if we are drawn to a deeper relationship with God we will be more and more hungry to hear the Word of God.   We can do this in a systematic way in Lent by pondering the Lenten readings which the Church puts before us each day.

If we listen in this way to the Word of God we are being formed together in the way of the Lord.

In the Catholic Link under the title “The Week Ahead: LIVE THE WORD” you will find the references for the daily readings, first reading, psalm and gospel for each day of Lent.  This information can also be obtained in digital form by subscribing to the Redemptorist sms service. (Sms ‘WORD’ to 31222- R10 per week)

Lent is a time for listening to others.   Remembering Pope Benedict’s Lenten message “Let us be concerned for each other, to stir a response in love and good works”, we are invited to put others before ourselves this Lent.  This will mean listening to those nearest and dearest to us at home; it will mean listening to those with whom we work and relax.  It will mean having a listening heart in our ordinary daily lives.

Because we are part of the “me generation”, that is, a generation that tends to put self first and others later, listening to others needs real discipline.  It needs lots more discipline than giving up beer!

Lent is a time for listening to our heart.   Just as we have learned to listen to our bodies and what they are telling us about our life-style, so we need to listen to our soul: what is our deepest longing?  Do we really care about holiness?  Do we want to share in the transfiguration of Jesus?

Lent is a time for listening!

Seán Wales, C.Ss.R


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