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Catechetical Sunday


 This weekend the Catholic Church in South Africa is focussing on Catechetics.  On Saturday there was a CATECHISTS’ FESTIVAL at Lansdowne and on Sunday we are praying for this ministry in our parish.

 We are blessed to have a committed team of at least fourteen catechists who share the faith with twelve groups of young people every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  The dedication of our catechists to this vital ministry of handing on the faith is a dazzling grace for our parish and we all owe our catechists our thanks, our prayers and our personal support.

 Earlier this year I had the privilege of conducting a day of recollection of our catechists on the theme of “The Vocation of the Catechist”.  We looked at how we know Jesus and what are the characteristics of a good catechist.  The Guide for Catechists highlights six aspects of the spirituality of the catechist:

Openness to God

Openness to the Church

Openness to the World

Authenticity and integrity of life

Missionary Zeal

Devotion to Mary

 At a recent meeting with our catechists a few issues were brought to my attention.

 First, they suggested that I should write an occasional letter to parents about issues of catechetical interest.  This I hope to do in the near future.

 Secondly my attention was drawn to a “congestion” problem in the Cry Chapel at the 9 a.m. Mass on Sunday.  It was suggested that only one parent/guardian should accompany a baby/toddler in the Cry Chapel.  Other family members might like to be seated near the Cry Chapel (in the little transept, perhaps).

 Finally there was a request that at least once a month the homily at the 9 a.m. Sunday Mass be “aimed” at the children.  This we hope to implement without neglecting the adults.

 Fr Seán Wales, C.Ss.R.


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