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For the last number of weeks the members of the Redemptorists had been telling me what a wonderful event the parish Food Fair would be. But, having now experienced this important parish event for the first time, I have to say that it completely exceeded all my expectations. It was absolutely wonderful to see so many of our parishioners coming together and celebrating each other’s company in such a spirit of real community. It was good also to see that it was a real family event, where young and old were able to come together, not just to raise funds for the parish, but to enjoy the wonderful food and to spend time with others. It really was an evening that will live long in my memory.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who were able to attend, and of course to thank all the groups who participated in the setting up and the running of all the stalls. There were so many different kinds of food available, and although I am not the biggest eater in the world, I have to admit to being tempted to try everything I could possibly manage!

The organising of such a huge event clearly took many months of hard work and commitment by so many people. It would be impossible for me to mention every person who contributed to the success of the evening. But, on behalf of the parish, I would like to thank Natalie Frieslaar and the Fundraising Committee for all that they continue to do to help build up our parish  community.

It is of course a wonderful thing to raise funds for our parish. But far more important to me is that the Food Fair shows that we are more than a community that simply gathers together for Holy Mass and Church services. We are united to one another not only in prayer but through real bonds of service and affection. This is a real gift to Holy Redeemer parish, and I pray that we will all do what we can to strengthen the bonds of unity and friendship which mark us out as a community of people who are disciples together in the love of God.

I believe that it is important that we also recognise that we are spiritually united to one another through the faith that we share. Our shared faith is always calling us to do all we can to serve one another as we journey together to God. We are blessed in our parish that we have so many people actively involved in the many different ministries that take place each week. But one of the things that came to my mind after the Food Fair is that there is always more to be done. Each one of us is always being called to manifest our faith through some form of service to one another. May we build on the graces of the Food Fair and also ask the guidance of God as He calls us to serve one another with real love and care.

Fr Gerard, CSsR

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