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After the sad news we had to give the parish last weekend about the changes in personnel at Holy Redeemer, it is clear that we are going to have to work together more closely than ever before in order to make our parish the best it can be. Today I am attaching an important letter from Brandon Paulse, the chairman of our Parish Pastoral Council. He has significant things to say to all of us. Let us accept his words in a spirit of prayer and hope that all will be well.

Fr Gerard, CSsR

Good morning all parishioners.

I am sure by now you have digested Fr Gerard’s homily given at the weekend masses.

There are two points that resonated with me yesterday…

1. We are all called to take possession of our Church

2. Priests come and go, but our parish community carries on.

We are all called to serve, and this calling needs to be answered more so than ever before. As ministries and groups we are going to have to do our bit to support Fr Gerard and the assistant priest as best we can. What we don’t want is for Fr Gerard to be stretched to a point of burnout. He serves us as our parish priest and we are blessed that we have him with us, but he also wears the hat as vicar-provincial, supporting Fr Sean Wales with Redemptorist business in South Africa and beyond. Fr Gerard, I’m sure you will feel the wave of support from the parish council and parish community in the days and months ahead.

At the start of our tenure as a newly elected parish council, we said our focus will be…

● Sharing responsibility.    ● Building Community.

● Family as Centre.            ● Deepening our community’s spirituality

At this this challenging time as a parish community we are going to really need to live out this mission statement. We are all going to have to answer God’s call and be active disciples in His vineyard.

We are going to have to remind our groups and ministries that they may not always have access to a priest on request.

As a parish community we always rise above the challenges and may this always be the case at Holy Redeemer. Let us continue to strengthen and support each other, as we continue to touch the lives and situation of all we come into contact with.

Although all of us are sad that Godwin will be leaving us, I’m sure we can all understand his calling at this point in time.
Godwin, please be assured of our prayers and support. You have crept into the hearts of all you have come into contact with, especially in the wonderful way you have ministered to God’s people. We hope and pray that one day you will be able to return to Holy Redeemer again. As somebody once said, don’t be sad that you are leaving, but rejoice and be happy that you had the wonderful experience of being able to share your ministry with us at Holy Redeemer.

Wishing you a blessed week ahead.

Warm regards,

Brandon Paulse,

Chairman of Parish Pastoral Council

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