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Those of us who are soccer fans will know how eagerly we await the beginning of a new season and the kick off of the first match of the year. No matter how our team fared in the previous season, we are full of hope that this time round we will do better and win all the trophies we dream of. I should perhaps declare that I am an Arsenal fan, so that for me those dreams tend to be shattered early on each year!

On a much more significant note, a wonderful feature of the life of the parish will take place on Sunday as we celebrate Kick-Off Sunday for 2015. Today we will use this occasion to ask our catechists to once again pledge themselves before God and the parish community to serve the children, young people and adults as they each grow in their understanding and love of God. As they do so I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of ourĀ  catechists who make great personal sacrifices in order to serve the people of our parish.

Today too our children and young people will be registered for the Catechetical programme for the year. We ask God’s blessing on each of them as they continue their journey of faith. We also thank their parents who also make sacrifices in order to ensure that their children are given the opportunity to come to know the God who loves and cares for us. Indeed, the family home is the most significant place of all for the young to know the meaning of a life of faith. Again, I pray that each family in the parish will be richly blessed in the year ahead with God’s abundant gifts of faith, hope and love.

For all of us then, this Sunday marks an opportunity to deepen our personal commitment to taking our faith life seriously. We begin this new year with sure hopes that God will continue to do great things for us.

Fr Gerard McCabe C.Ss.R

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