50 days after Passover, the Jews celebrate the Feast of Weeks, also called the Festival of the Wheat Harvest and, because of the 50 days, Pentecost.

50 days after Easter, Christians celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, a feast also called, because of the 50 days, Pentecost.

For us Pentecost is the completion of the Great Easter, the birth of the Church, the Gift of Gifts.? In the Upper Room the Spirit was poured out as a gift on the apostles ?and on Mary and the holy women – changing them from a group of fearful people cowered indoors, into a Church on fire with zeal and courage, joy and delight in the service of God and humanity.

The Spirit is still poured out on believers; the Spirit still changes people from being inward-looking, fearful or just timid to persuasive witnesses to the great deeds of God and committed evangelists of Jesus the Lord.

In the LIGHT of Pentecost we can no longer live in darkness and the shadow of death: we live in God

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