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Happy Easter!

No matter how long we live, no matter how many Easters we celebrate, we can never find words adequate to this mystery.   Because the Resurrection of Jesus is beyond our imagination and transcends our experience, we will always fall short in our attempts to speak of the Risen Life  of the Resurrected Christ.

What we can say, of course, is what the Resurrection is not:

It is not the resuscitation of a corpse:  Jesus did not simply return to normal biological life as before with the implication that he would have to die again (like Lazarus).

Jesus is not a ghost –belonging to the realm of the dead but able somehow to appear in the realm of the living.

The resurrection is not the same as a mystical experience which is a passing moment  touching on the divine.

In an attempt to say something about the Resurrection Pope Benedict XVI uses the expression “evolutionary leap”.  By this he means that the Resurrection of Jesus is an historical event which nevertheless bursts open the dimension of history and transcends it: a wholly new dimension of life emerges.

The Resurrection of Jesus means that humanity is also invited into that new dimension of existence: we are called to resurrection life , indeed in the New Testament we are described as “children of the resurrection”.  We are called to share that “evolutionary leap” to this new kind of existence already –even before the passage through death.

Easter is NOW.

May we all rejoice in our Easter,

Fr Sean Wales, C.Ss.R.

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