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Last Tuesday evening we had a meeting of the parish Liturgy Committee.  I thought you might like to know something about our work.

Present at the meetings were Aldina Santos (Catechetics), Val Richards (Music), Vanessa (Sacristans),Cas Muller(Proclaimers),CoraMae Ferrier (Extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist), Br Richard (chairman) and myself.

Each member reported on his/her portfolio.  It was clear that when meetings of various sectors are called (e.g. musicians) not everyone responds; sometimes the response is very poor and so communication breaks down.  There is an urgent need for musicians to consult with Br Richard about the choice of hymns –and about sensitivity to which hymns are approved or not for public use in the Liturgy.

It also became clear that in a parish like ours with a lot of mobility etc there will be times when new ministers will be needed.   At the moment we need some new readers to proclaim the Sacred Scriptures.  We also need some volunteers to serve as sacristans.   There is a continuing need for members of the various music groups, including the 11 00 a.m. choir.  I would add that there has been an offer to train a plainchant schola to enhance our Liturgy.   Any one interested in serving the parish in any of these ways should contact me.

I am extremely grateful for all the voluntary service of so many ministers in the parish.  If you have any other ideas about our Liturgy, do not hesitate to approach any member of the Liturgy Committee and your suggestions will be considered carefully.

We remember with gratitude the teaching of the Second Vatican Council:  “..the liturgy is the summit towards which the activity of the Church is directed; it is also the fount from which all her power flows”

(Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy 10)

 Fr Sean Wales, C.Ss.R.

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