You will have noticed the frequency with which we refer to the three Ts these days.

I would like to make clear the intention behind this approach.

We are a faith community enriched with abundant gifts to build up the Body of Christ in our midst.  Every single parishioner is gifted to play a part in this great project of Jesus: a Kingdom of justice, love and peace.

We cannot be true disciples of Jesus in some private capacity: our faith draws us together in love and service.  This is already evident in many areas of our life as a parish.  The poorest of the poor are sought out by the SvP and the CoWorkers of Mother Teresa; divine worship is enhanced by choirs, servers, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, Proclaimers, sacristans, cleaners etc etc….This is as it should be but the gift of such service is spread very unevenly: often the same people multi-task while some others slip in and out of church  and that’s it.

Let me focus on one T.   Talent.

We need an organist to play at the Saturday evening Mass.  If you can play, you can serve the community in that way.

We need more servers: you come to Mass, you can serve!

We have a number of electrical jobs that are urgent: are you an electrician?

To have a talent and to see a need indicates that you have that talent for that need, you have a vocation to help.

When you read the TTT, please don’t just read it for information; it is an invitation.

Thank you for the high level of service already evident; I am sure that our current needs will draw us closer together in Christ.

Fr Sean Wales, C.Ss.R.

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