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Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus, has surprised the world by his humble resignation from the Petrine ministry.   In retrospect, many commentators are saying that we should not be all that surprised as Benedict gave several hints about the possibility –even desirability- of a papal resignation in certain circumstances.

Nevertheless Benedict had a way of surprising people!  He greatly encouraged the use of modern means of communication, but surprised people by opening his own Twitter account!  Steeped as he was in the history of the Church he was able to bring out of his treasure house things new and old.

In that spirit the Redemptorists in South Africa launched an sms service some years ago in an effort to bring some Gospel inspiration to people on the move.   Perhaps you cannot get to Mass every day, perhaps you have very little time to set aside for prayer, perhaps you need something to kick-start your prayer.   Our sms service “Thought for the Day” can reach you every day of the year.

If you subscribe to this sms service then every morning you will receive an inspirational thought for that day.  You can use that text to guide your quiet time that day, to help you pray, or to share a Gospel insight with others.

For example, throughout Lent the messages are closely linked to the Mass texts for the day. This means that you are in tune with the whole Church  each day and aware of an inspired Word on which the whole Church is feeding.

All you have to do is sms the word CATHOLIC to 31222.  The cost is R1 per day!   Incidentally your support has the extra advantage of helping the Redemptorist Mission Ministry to continue to serve the needs of the Catholic community of South Africa.

Signing up for your Thought for The Day is an excellent gesture to make in Lent: a small effort with a beautiful outcome!  So sms CATHOLIC 31222 –today.                                                      Fr Sean Wales, C.Ss.R.


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