I Resolve




We are already into the New Year and perhaps we have already made our New Year resolutions.  If we are like the vast majority of people our resolutions will be about losing weight, taking more exercise, quitting smoking or drinking (or both!), learning something new, getting better organized.


Maybe there are some worthwhile resolutions like spending more time with family and friends, helping someone in need, maybe, even, joining a parish group!


Before it is too late, let me throw into the mix – just a thought.





How about resolving to develop silence ?


For example:


  1. To be more silent in prayer: less words of mine and more Word of the Lord.
  2. To be silent about my achievements: not blowing my own trumpet so often.
  3. To be silent about one named person who always annoys me: not to pass on the annoyance.
  4. To help others with our silence: not to trot out platitudes at every opportunity.
  5. To sit in silence with the Lord: not to stifle the Spirit with endless words.


I couldn’t find any resolutions about silence on Google.  Maybe we can start a (silent) trend?


May your New Year be filled with God.


Fr Sean Wales, C.Ss.R.

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