Fr Cyril’s Message

Fr Cyril’s Message

Fr Cyril Axelrod leaves Cape Town today to begin his journey back to London.  He wants me to thank everyone for their prayers and support. I thought it might be helpful to note down the four main points Fr Cyril made in his homily at all the Masses last weekend.


1. SOLIDARITY: Whether disabled or not we are all united as each one is made in the image of God.  The image of God can only be obscured by the effects of pride, malice and sin of any kind.


2. REDEEMED Abled and disabled are united in the mystery of Redemption.  We are all united in our ability to sin but also in being offered a share in the victory of Christ.


3. VOCATION Each human being has a calling and an ability to respond to God: we are ALL called to holiness.  A different life does not mean a less important life or a life with less potential for making a contribution to the world.


4. DESTINY All of us are united in our destiny of Friendship with God.  Blessed Pope John Paul said “For disabled people, as for any human beings, it is not important that they do what others do but that they do what THEY do, what is truly good for them”.


More than any words which Fr Cyril shared, the witness of his own personal life will remain in our hearts and will help us all deal with whatever difficulties we ourselves have or we meet with in others.


I can highly recommend his book “And the Journey Begins” [more copies are on the way!].

Fr Sean Wales C.Ss.R.


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