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The Catholic Parish of Holy Redeemer, situated in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa, has been served by the priests and brothers of the Redemptorist Community since 1925. It is a vibrant parish of over 5000 members, many of whom are involved not only in the common worship of parish liturgy, but also in the various groups which are active in programmes of spirituality, faith development and social outreach.

On entering Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, one is confronted immediately by the cross. This is not a figure of a dead Christ, but of the Redeemer, offering his life to the Father that the sins of the world might be forgiven: Father, forgive them; they do not know what they are doing (Luke 23:34).

This is a church, then, which welcomes sinners and offers them a way of forgiveness and healing. Jesus waits for us to come to him and in the Holy Eucharist we know that his healing love is present to give us the assurance of his peace and to remind us that in the strength of his love we can continue to take up our own cross and follow him.

The Redemptorist Community endeavours to continue the mission of Jesus the Redeemer in whatever circumstances it finds itself – to be a presence of God’s redeeming love for people of our day. Our parish, therefore, strives to make the love of Jesus our Holy Redeemer, accessible to as many people as possible in ways which respond to the needs of modern society.

As Jesus, the Redeemer, gathered a community of disciples around him so that they could learn from him and be sent out by him to the wider community, so our parish tries to be such a community. Through a regular programme of worship and prayer; through a comprehensive youth ministry which involves catechetical programmes, social gatherings, and liturgical ministries; through programmes of adult faith enrichment and through the large number of groups which provide for the spiritual and apostolic development of the community, we strive to make the love of Jesus the Redeemer visible for the wider community.


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